Weekly 8.16

SlimRoms presents

Weekly 8.16


  • frameworks/native updates aosp caf
  • frameworks/av updates aosp caf
  • More Translations

Device Specific updates:

  • p31XX/p51XX updates
    • Update camerawrapper
  • i9500 updates
    • i9500: eS325: Fix typo, i9500: audio: fixed channel count determination from channel mask
  • msm8660-common updates
    • Remap MSM8660 stock unsolicited RIL responses, Removed unsupported RIL constants 1038, 1039 and 1040
  • kernel_htc_msm8660 updates
    • msm_fb: msm_dss_io_8x60: Fix unbalanced clocks, USB: gadget: qdss: Fix strncmp length usage, msm: flash: Use low-power flash when battery is low
  • samsung_msm8974-common updates
    • msm8974: Disable HEVC codec, msm8974: move firmware symlinks to vendor as binaries expect, consumerir: Dynamically grow an appropriately sized buffer
  • kernel_samsung_mondrianwifi updates
    • Revert Intellidemand, tabpro: touchscreen: Allow capacitive buttons to be disabled, Revert "Squash IntelliPlug, Revert cpufreq limiter, Revert Power Suspend, Mondrianwifi: bump version
  • hlte-common updates
    • Hlte-common: Use new 3gb dalvik heap and hwui