Weekly 8.18

SlimRoms presents
Weekly 8.18

Time for weekly, minor changes this week.


  • Updates to frameworks_av caf
  • Updates to translations

Device specific:

  • Upstream for sony_common
    • Fix traditional sort
  • Upstream for sony_qcom-common
    • Ril: Support for SEEK on Android
    • Separate A and B family media codecs
    • fix traditional sort
    • make osX devs happy
  • Upstream for rhine-common
    • Add permission for dynamic fps
    • releasetools: use set_metadata instead of set_perm
    • make osx devs happy
    • mount FOTAKernel partition to recovery
    • Support for SEEK on Android
  • Upstream for Amami, Honami and Togari
    • Fix traditional sort
    • Make osx devs happy