Stable 9

SlimRoms presents

Stable 9.0 


  • Settings revamp
  • Heads up transparency and colour
  • Added SlimLauncher [remove nova launcher]
  • Proximity Wake: Add support for checking proximity when waking device (for specific devices)
  • Volume panel time out
  • Status bar ticker
  • Automatic Proximity Speaker
  • Fix notification icons overlapping with centre clock


  • frameworks/av updates aosp caf
  • frameworks/base updates aosp caf
  • frameworks/native updates aosp caf
  • APN updates
  • Translations

Device specific updates 

  • rhine updates
    • Revert "ril: Support for SEEK on Android",cleanup fstab,Add IPC Security Config,Remove IPC router security configuration Updates
  • samsung_qcom-common updates
    • Copy recovery scripts to correct place,Place files in correct location for real
  • p31XX/p5XX updates
    • Automatic translation import,P31XX: allow OC,P31XX: add PVR to Kernel,P31XX: quash SELinux denial for healthd,P31XX: update smc service again
  • d2lte updates
    • Migrating XTRA from to cloud based
  • samsung_msm8960-common updates
    • Update HAL API versions and fix warnings
  • oppo_msm8974-common updates
    • build: Avoid poisoning the host binaries with bad ABIs
  • kernel_sony_msm8974 updates
    • intellidemand: cumulative updateis to version 5.5,Final version bump!,scripts: remove localversion "+" from kernel version strings
  • samsung_espresso10 updates
    • Massive Upstream

    Devices running as weekly: 

    • V500
    • Toro
    • Toro+ 
    • I9100
    • I9500
    • N7000
    • Crespo
    • Maguro
    • Taoshan
    • Galaxysmtd
    • Moto_msm8960 (won't get the update)
    • Moto_msm8960dt (won't get the update)

    Detailed changes since last Stable