SlimBean 2.0

All Devices

  • Theme Engine based on AOKP commit
  • Custom Nav Bar based on AOKP commit
  • Notification Count based on AOKP commit
  • Flip to silent/vibrate calls based on AOKP commit
  • LED customization based on AOKP commit ( only applicable for GNex) - thanks aokp
  • Upstream google sync - thanks google :p
  • Quiet Hours based on CM commit
  • Noise Suppression based on CM commit - thanks CM
  • Multi Dpi Market - thanks hnernes

Galaxy S Variants

  • Semaphore becomes the default kernel - thanks stratosk
  • Custom Nav Bar not supported for 2.0, works only on GNex phones.
  • Video recording and playback is fine, it might FC after a recording randomly but records fine and plays back fine.

Nexus and Galaxy Nexus

  • Device Settings from settings menu will FC, just ignore, there is no GNexus parts like CM has, hence it does. I will see if i can hide in the future for the nexus devices.
  • Like galaxy S variants, nexus s variants might FC after a recording but it records fine and plays back fine. Changing kernel to Air or Matr1x solves this "issue". No issues with Galaxy Nexus.

How to install

  • Download Device and common Extras, srec and face unlock remain the same.Use from 1.x if you need them. Do a full wipe and flash
    1. Device
    2. common
    3. whatever package you need for your phone