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Dear developer,

this is our first release of the 4.4.2 android sdk with included support of the TRDS theme engine. If you want to add support in your app eg you will need to use this version of android sdk. It is compiled from the actual aosp source with the modifications we added. Keep in mind hat this sdk package does not include any addons from google due of legal reasons. If you want to use your usual addons just install them afterward as usual.

Current alpha.1 release just contains the support for TRDS: this means

  • You have acces to a new resource qualifier. Keep in mind that the order of qualifiers on AOSP is strict and always the same. The -holodark and -hololight qualifer which is added now is in order directly before the density qualifier (mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi etc). So eg you can add a folder drawable-holodark-xxhdpi, or values-sw600dp-land-holodark)
  • As well you have now access to a new global config (see
    • uiThemMode (the general config which is used when eg onconfiguration changes happen)
    • UI_THEME_MODE_NORMAL which is the flag for normal system behaviour
    • UI_THEME_MODE_HOLO_DARK which is the flag when dark mode is used (-holodark qualifier)
    • UI_THEME_MODE_HOLO_LIGHT which is the flag when light mode is used (-hololight qualifier)
  • As well you will not get into a problem if this app is running on firmwares which do not support this qualifer. They just will get ignored. Of course if you use in your java code the uiThemeMode configuration or the flags proper catch it to avoid problems.

Keep in mind that this is an alpha release. Some things need still to be added (proper API documentation for the new flags eg, and some example cases for the emulator). We would be very glad to get response and feedback on our forum in development section, IRC dev channel or on our g+ so that we all can develop the SlimRoms sdk even more.

To compile the SlimRoms sdk please see instructions here

Windows version will follow soon as well.

Known bugs:
  • It is possible that Eclipse complains about old tools you need to upgrade. Just ignore it. The SlimRoms sdk is compatible up to API 19

Enjoy and have fun

SlimRoms Team


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