The usual stuff, Flash at your own risk. I am not responsible if you brick your device, burn your device etc. This ROM might be most suitable for experienced users but everybody is welcome to use it.

Installation Instructions

SlimKat installation instructions
Be sure to follow these instructions to the letter.

  1. The first thing to do is to make sure you have the latest recovery installed.

      • Note that recommended recovery (CWM or TWRP) varies from device to device so make sure you check our forums for your device's thread and install the recommended recovery stated in the OP. The easiest way to flash the recovery is to either use Goo Manager app for TWRP or Rom Manager app for CWM.
  1. Download latest SlimKat and latest gapps and put on your sd card.

      • You’ll find the latest SlimKat for your device here.
      • And look for the latest SlimKat gapps here
  1. Reboot to recovery.

  1. In recovery make a full wipe as per these instructions:

      • In CWM perform wipe data/factory reset and in mounts and storage section format system.
      • In TWRP choose advanced in wipe section and wipe dalvik cache, cache, system and data.
  1. Flash SlimKat rom zip.

  1. Flash SlimKat gapps zip.

  1. Reboot, setup and enjoy.

SlimBean 4.3 installation instructions

As there is some confusion about how to install 4.3, here is a list of what's absolutely necessary
  • full wipe (means: wipe data / factory reset and format /system)
  • install Slim 4.3 ROM
  • install Slim 4.3 gapps
  • Reboot
Some Clarification for Slim Bean:
  • Always full wipe if you came from 4.2.2 or any other 4.3 ROM
  • At the moment, just use Slim gapps as there are problems with other gapps atm (incompatible or outdated libs in other actual gapps packages)
  • "format /system" in addition to "wipe data factory reset" is needed, some restore scripts could mess up your pretty new installation
  • Root access works in another way in 4.3 than it was before. It is disabled by default. If you want to have root access go into your Superuser application or in Settings->Developer options and enable it. Please note as well that currently some third party kernels are around which may break root.
  • If you use TitaniumBackup you need to change in settings your backup/restore path to "legacy"

Upgrading Slim Bean

Unless we specify otherwise in changelog

Reboot to recovery, wipe cache, dalvik cache then just flash your device zip.

From Froyo/GB Rom to SlimBean

Get yourself booted with cm9 or cm10. then follow the steps "From another JB or ICS ROM"


From another JB or ICS Rom to SlimBean

    • Download,
    • Enter CWM, wipe data, format system ( in mounts and storage)
    • Flash***, then MUST flash (other files optional)

*** - If the flash is too quick ( < 5 seconds or so), reflash device before flashing common or other zip files.