Slim updates

As we mentioned couple weeks ago, we're working on SlimLP and already added some of our features e.g. Slim heads up, privacy guard, slim dialer, lockscreen shortcuts and much more. With the steady progress of SlimLP and current stability of Slimkat we decided to go for Slimkat stable 9 next week. With that being said we'll take the week off for testing purposes so no release this week, hope you have a great week and remember to keep it slim


SlimRoms meets lollipop

As some of you already know we extended Slimkat weeklies to make them as stable as possible but that doesn't mean we're neglecting lollipop. We are already working on lollipop and pushed multiple alpha builds for both nexus 5 and 4 with some of our added features like privacy guard, sounds tweaks, status bar tweaks and much more. It's been decided that the new version of Slim + lollipop will be called SlimLP. We would like to thank +Cristian Giordano for the great work on the new boot animation. Stay tuned for more SlimLP news :) 

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Statement regarding Android L

As we are getting a lot of questions about Android L, this is our official statement on the matter:

We cannot start working on the "L" release announced at Google I/O.  Even if the factory images are released.  Images aren't the same as source code...which is what SlimROMS (and any other AOSP-based rom) needs to make magic happen.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Trust us, we're just as excited to play around with "L" as you are.  But from the sounds of it so far: the source code and actual release date aren't coming anytime soon.  Until then...we'll continue to put out our best efforts on the still-current version of Android - KitKat 4.4.4.

SlimRoms moves to Crowdin

More translations!


We have officially moved all translations back to crowdin. What does that mean?

  • Easier way for users to translate SlimRoms to their language with a slight to no learning curve.
  • We won’t accept new translations on Gerrit. All the translations must be made through crowdin.

 Before users had to

  • Have Git.
  • Clone the repo in question.
  • Do the changes, commit and push them to our Gerrit.
  • Add someone from the team to review and merge the translations.

But now none of that is needed, thanks to our own Andi B. with the help of Michael Bestas.


Our crowdin project:              

Quick guide on how to use crowdin to translate here:

Gapps updated

Due to an force-close in text-to-speech the gapps had to be updated, check it out here.