The Real Dark Slim (TRDS)

Some info on TRDS and how it works. The idea was to give a simple and resource friendly way to change the ui on a rom on the fly. After weeks of trying more complicated ideas that yielded no results  we came up with the idea to use the great fallback mechanism of AOSP to our needs and we change/added qualifier in to the AOSP core. This makes inverting or "theme" in genera much simpler. The way its done in TRDS is adding new UI resources in the /res folder for any app or framework you want with the qualifier "inverted". You add only the files you want to modify when the feature is turned "on". This way the UI will change to what is wanted, however reusing anything that can be used from the core UI, therefore maintaining a resources to a mininimum and Slim ;).

Why do this and not just use a theme? Well about 6 months ago, TRDS ad-ons was released, they morphed the apps and frameworks. This method kept the ability to use theme engine over TRDS, so it was possible to use TRDS as a base then use a theme for theme engine on top and allows great mix and match to the user preference. This was the reason, we think, that TRDS became so popular. The second reason is because this is easier and more resource friendly.

  So what does the commits for this feature do?

  • Add new qualifier "inverted"
  • Support for API level 13 and higher
  • Change the custom UI on the fly
  • Control default UI Mode over config.xml
  • Works for all apps so long they have the correct folders with qualifier name
  • Resource friendly due only needing to add specific resources that needs changing, re-uses others
  • Because of qualifier structure its simple to add the "inverted" on resource folders or language folders.
  • Compatible with Theme Manager. If a theme misses drawable they are replaced with them from the current UI mode which is set.

  Some more information on qualifiers on AOSP can be found here.


  Although Slim is a team the core idea and work was due to the great efforts of kufikugel and mnazim. We should all show our appreciation to the great work and time done. Not just on this great feature but everything done on Slim. Much time and effort is spent.