4.2.2 Build 2.5 WIP

Features and changes

  • TRDS all apps changing now on the fly no need to restart the app
  • Show reboot message to Quick Setting and Power Widget
  • Mms Breath animation
  • Updated Gmail
  • Updated Youtube
  • Camera: Seperate settings for colors and jpeg settings
  • Camera Add support  for 2.1MP, 9MP and 13MP picture size
  • Camera add support for 2.5MP and 6.4 MP (16:9) picture sizes
  • Mako: add LTE QS Tile
  • QCOM: Tons of ehancments
  • Many other smaller updates
  • Email: Lockscreen widget
  • Slim goes Sony...new device arrived: Xperia S 


  • App force close problems
  • Fix unsupported tiles regression
  • LatinIME TRDS fixes
  • Gmail jiberish toast message
  • Contacts share FC
  • Email widget FC
  • Performance and battery drain issues
  • Device specific
    • I9100G
      • Fix TimeLapse and A/V alignment
    • I9300
      • Fix battery capacity
    • Toro
      • Fix GPS problems

Known issues:

  • Device specific
    • D2
      • Audio stutters when using audio Touch Sounds (disable to fix)
    • nozomi
      • Camera HDR mode crash after second picture (restart camera to fix)