SlimKat weekly 3.4

Jenkins just started to build the SlimKat weekly 3.4 build. As usual keep in mind this are automated untested builds which may have bugs. If you need a stable build use the stable build, if you want to see what is coming and new, use a weekly build. As usual read the changelog carefully and follow the install instructions.

This week the changelog seems not be that long. But a lot work with a lot new code went into SlimKat. One major new unique feature which was announced and is now ready for the public. Slim recents app switcher. We have since some time a vision how it should be and how google should ehance it. Well we did it now on our own and we hope you will enjoy it.

A small preview (but you need to use it to see the benefit): Video

Some asked for the will find here: Code

As well we have a new device: honami

Have fun and enjoy

SlimRoms Team

  • Framework: Speed up booting on multicore devices.
  • Framework: Finish fixing Zygote descriptor leakage problem
  • Framework: A background started service is removed from mStartingBackground
  • Framework: Remove assignment in AndroidRuntime.
  • Framework: Fixed a possible infinite loop in JsonReader#skipValue()
  • Framework: Structure device not freed in error case
  • Framework: Tethering: Skip link local addresses when enabling NAT
  • Framework: Fix, MountService now only sends one onShutDownComplete
  • Framework: Release locked buffer when it fails to acquire graphics buffer
  • Framework: EGL14.eglCreateWindowSurface should set producerControlledByApp
  • Framework: Notification Reminder Interval && Fixes (1/2)
  • Framework: Slim recent app screen
  • Framework: SlimRecents - add TRDS
  • Framework: Do proper recent preload on hw key rebinding.
  • Framework: Signal strength: add more checks to signal strength,
  • Framework: Fix GSM signal strength
  • System extras: Avoid underflow on an unsigned int when computering bg overrun
  • System extras: libpagemap: fix memory leak in pm_process_destroy()
  • System extras: use BIONIC implementation of mmap64
  • System extras: procrank: Use %zu for size_t and %d for pid_t
  • System extras: procmem: Use size_t instead of int to remove a potential bug.
  • Hardware ril: libril: Provide support for legacy ril
  • Libhardware: hwcomposer: Add HWC_BLIT compositiontype value
  • Libhardware: Add sound card status parameter
  • Art/dalvik/system core: Remove old fork-and-specialize API
  • Browser: Fix the problem that the favicons on the history page are shown ramdomly
  • Cardslib: Rework expanded/collapse feature on listviews
  • Cardslib: add tiny optimization and use a viewholder + cleanup
  • Cardslib: use viewholder in the different card layouts
  • Cardslib: add trds drawables
  • Frameworks av: Major upstreams
  • Frameworks native: Major upstreams
  • Translations: A lot updates
  • General: as usual a lot fixes and device work and upstream. Check the build specific changelog for it.