Slimkat 4.1 for p3xx p5xx

.... there they are...

Finally all problems solved and SlimKat 4.1 is available for the Galaxy Tab 2 Family (P31XX and P51XX) after some days delay.

Some kernel changes were reverted to change a massive battery-drain

!!!Thanks to all tester for testing and the quick feedback!!!!

Device specific bugs P31XX

Screen-Off-Animation ignoring our hwrotation=270

Workaround: Settings --> Display --> CRT animation: "dont show" , the screen will now fade off, no issues there

Device specific bugs P51XX

On screen-off-animation the screen turns off, turns on again for some milliseconds, and turn off again - like a flash-light.

SlimKat 4.1 for d2 devices

There was a touchscreen issue on the d2 devices we fixed immediately, therefore a 4.1 was released for this devices.

new release of apktool

Today we released updates to apktool TRDS version:

We provide now apktool 2.0 b9 for windows and linux. See detailed description in download area.

apktool stable 1.5.3 got update and fixes as well.

Source apktool-2.0:
Source apktool-1.5.3:


As well we saw that the our developer SDK for TRDS support got some attention by several developers. New updates to it will follow soon.
Thanks for the support and have fun

Team SlimRoms

SlimKat based on Android 4.4.3 release this evening

Big Announcement! Expect a first alpha build based on Android 4.4.3 this evening. Everything works okay, but there are some small issues with camera. Please report any issues you'll find. Devices which will get the alpha builds are: Hammerhead, Mako, Xperia Z1 and i9300.

So... stay tuned!

Stable upcoming?

Who said a stable is upcoming?
I mean it's top secret...
Don't tell it anybody!