SlimKat weekly 3.8

Hey guys,

Jenkins just started to build the new SlimKat weekly version 3.8. Builds for the devices will show up during the next hours. Some words to the changes:

- We needed to remove googles reverse lookup from the dialer (not forward lookup) due of legal reasons. As replacement to the already present revere lookup with other providers we added as well a new people lookup API. So new Dialer has Google and OpenMaps forward lookup (near by places). White pages ppl lookup and reverse lookup for a bunch of providers. More will follow soon.

- SlimRecent got some update and new functionallty. Favorite mode along with mode for left handed ppl and the ability to scale the size.

- Lockscreen and notification reminder got some love as well.

- Gapps got major updates.

Slowly we are preparing next stable release. 3.8 should be allready near. As usual read carfully the changelog and install instuctions.

Have fun

SlimRoms Team.

  • Frameworks: SystemUI: Set Status bar opaque during drawer pulldown on tablets only
  • Frameworks: Don't let apps disable the SIM PIN entry screen.
  • Frameworks: Don't recreate keyguard for MCC/MNC changes.
  • Frameworks: NFC: getNdefMessage() should throw exception if no tag in field.
  • Frameworks: Round off when calculate next step in Seekbar
  • Frameworks: Hang off call by power button while screen is on
  • Frameworks: take account of RotationVector's new extra parameter
  • Frameworks: SlimPie only preload recent on button press down
  • Frameworks: Revert "services: don't clear wallpaper when SystemUI"
  • Frameworks: add favorite mode
  • Frameworks: Prevent a duplicated registration of Observers
  • Frameworks: Fix progress of VolumePanel never refresh
  • Framework: Notify User Interaction on Unlock
  • Frameworks: Null pointer exception in
  • Frameworks: Fix to memory leak leaving WallpaperCropActivity.
  • Frameworks: add gps gid to system_server
  • Frameworks: remove unnecessary switchUser call
  • Frameworks: NULL previous background bitmap upon changing wallpaper
  • Frameworks: NsdService does not clean up after exiting clients
  • Frameworks: VolumePanel: Don't force navigation bar
  • Frameworks: SystemUI: Update Ringer tile code.
  • Frameworks: Tethering: fix NPE when retrieving active interfaces
  • Frameworks: Service: Keep services needing restart.
  • Frameworks: including build.prop property "ro.config.vc_music_vol_steps" for more volume steps.
  • Frameworks: SlimRecents make it RTL/LTR aware + scaling + lefty mode
  • Frameworks: More Keyguard Colors (1/2)
  • Frameworks: Add people lookup settings keys
  • Frameworks: SystemUI: Notification Reminder - Update Reminder
  • System core: restorecon_recursive("/sys") speed boot time
  • Browser: Handle DownloadManager expceptions
  • ContactCommon: The FastScroller is not working properly.
  • MMS: Disable Android 4.2 specific hack regarding keyboard behavior.
  • MMS: process stops after sharing a video through Messaging
  • Cardslib: only initiliaze LRUCache if really needed.
  • Cardslib: Add partial onLongClickListener ability
  • Dialer: Remove Google Reverse Lookup: Auth may violate terms of service
  • Dialer: New lookup API
  • Libhardware: Fix PAN control callback definition to match what bluedroid is doing.
  • Bluetooth: Avoid race condition that gets PanService stuck in STATE_DISCONNECTED.
  • Bluetooth: Update PAN JNI code to match updated interface definition.
  • Bluedroid: Fix bug in PAN code where no new PAN connections can be made.
  • Gallery2: Ensure background edition complete on back Key
  • Gallery2: Fix out-of-order operations while setting up the editor
  • Gallery2: Handled seek to previous frame in case of video trim
  • Settings: Fix F/C in TTS settings
  • Gapps: Update of Google+, Google Now, Google Launcher, Google Music, Google TTS, Full LatinIME, Google PlayStore (with TRDS). YouTube update is on hold due of problems with it.
  • Device specific: A lot updates and fixes as usual. Please look at the changelog attached to the download.
  • General: Tons of fixes and improvements again

SlimKat weekly 3.4

Jenkins just started to build the SlimKat weekly 3.4 build. As usual keep in mind this are automated untested builds which may have bugs. If you need a stable build use the stable build, if you want to see what is coming and new, use a weekly build. As usual read the changelog carefully and follow the install instructions.

This week the changelog seems not be that long. But a lot work with a lot new code went into SlimKat. One major new unique feature which was announced and is now ready for the public. Slim recents app switcher. We have since some time a vision how it should be and how google should ehance it. Well we did it now on our own and we hope you will enjoy it.

A small preview (but you need to use it to see the benefit): Video

Some asked for the will find here: Code

As well we have a new device: honami

Have fun and enjoy

SlimRoms Team

  • Framework: Speed up booting on multicore devices.
  • Framework: Finish fixing Zygote descriptor leakage problem
  • Framework: A background started service is removed from mStartingBackground
  • Framework: Remove assignment in AndroidRuntime.
  • Framework: Fixed a possible infinite loop in JsonReader#skipValue()
  • Framework: Structure device not freed in error case
  • Framework: Tethering: Skip link local addresses when enabling NAT
  • Framework: Fix, MountService now only sends one onShutDownComplete
  • Framework: Release locked buffer when it fails to acquire graphics buffer
  • Framework: EGL14.eglCreateWindowSurface should set producerControlledByApp
  • Framework: Notification Reminder Interval && Fixes (1/2)
  • Framework: Slim recent app screen
  • Framework: SlimRecents - add TRDS
  • Framework: Do proper recent preload on hw key rebinding.
  • Framework: Signal strength: add more checks to signal strength,
  • Framework: Fix GSM signal strength
  • System extras: Avoid underflow on an unsigned int when computering bg overrun
  • System extras: libpagemap: fix memory leak in pm_process_destroy()
  • System extras: use BIONIC implementation of mmap64
  • System extras: procrank: Use %zu for size_t and %d for pid_t
  • System extras: procmem: Use size_t instead of int to remove a potential bug.
  • Hardware ril: libril: Provide support for legacy ril
  • Libhardware: hwcomposer: Add HWC_BLIT compositiontype value
  • Libhardware: Add sound card status parameter
  • Art/dalvik/system core: Remove old fork-and-specialize API
  • Browser: Fix the problem that the favicons on the history page are shown ramdomly
  • Cardslib: Rework expanded/collapse feature on listviews
  • Cardslib: add tiny optimization and use a viewholder + cleanup
  • Cardslib: use viewholder in the different card layouts
  • Cardslib: add trds drawables
  • Frameworks av: Major upstreams
  • Frameworks native: Major upstreams
  • Translations: A lot updates
  • General: as usual a lot fixes and device work and upstream. Check the build specific changelog for it.

SlimRoms android sdk alpha release

First alpha release of SlimKat android sdk for app developer is available

Full 4.4.2 android sdk with support for new theming engine trds/trls. See notes the notes here on the download link.

Basically it allows any app to use the new qualifiers so that user can switch on the fly, on light condition changes or day time changes the look of your app (dark/light eg), natively based on new introduced resource qualifier

We would be happy to get first feedback


SlimRoms Team

SlimKat 4.4.2 Build 3.2

Guys Weekly started to build, this is a quick and dirty changelog. Want a larger and precise changelog download or look at gerrit/github.


  • Notification Reminder (Another Original Slim Feature) seen here
  • Merge KVT49L
  • Lots of frameworks/opt updates from cm
  • Some qcom/wlan preparation for upcoming moto devices
  • Fix memory leak in Settings
  • Various updates for caf devices in hardware folders and frameworks av/native
  • Updates to hardware/ril from CM
  • Updates to APN list based on CM
  • SlimFileManager fix possible NPE
  • Crespo add fast charge overlay
  • Mako/geeb kernel few changes trying to fix random reboot
  • Various fixes/additions to translations

SlimKat Stable 3.0

slimroms kitkat  

We are proud to announce the first stable release of SlimKat (build3.0). We would like to thank you for the testing you have done on the weekly builds. This testing laid the foundation for this release.



It is very important that you follow the installation instructions (especially the part about wiping/formatting system). If you don't, you will have issues, and there will be no one able to help you out. As well read our FAQ's to get your questions covered.

We have started on the TRDS (The Real Dark Slim) and some compatible apps are included in the release so be sure to update Gapps.

Additional notes:
There are devices which will not receive a stable release but instead a weekly. These devices are: all g2 (d800, d801, d802, vs980, ls980) and p700.

Links for download:


  • Frameworks: EdgeGestureService give abbility to reduce the left and right trigger site on IME keyboard
  • Frameworks: SlimPie give user ability to reduce trigger heights if IME is active
  • Frameworks: TRDS fix possible UI freeze on auto mode change
  • Frameworks: Respect and handle shorcut custom icon resources
  • Frameworks: Add support for QC's time_daemon
  • Frameworks: fix sdk build
  • Frameworks: Keyguard: Ensure that a widget and page is attached before attaching the ChallengeLayout.OnBouncerStateChangedListener
  • Frameworks: Revert "Make sure to turn off led after pulse()"
  • Bootable recovery: Load RTC offset on Qualcomm Krait chips, fixes the broken time & date
  • Dialer: Add WhitePages Canada reverse lookup provider
  • WhitePages API: Only reload page if the first load has the UUID for the cookie
  • Telephony: fix reverese lookup gms logic detection
  • General: Again a lot translation updates. Tons of new translations will follow soon (italian and german eg)
  • General: A lot small fixes
  • Device specific: Again a lot small fixes and upstream. For device specific changes see the attached changelog in the download folder of your device
  • Gapps: Update to latest google apps
  • Gapps: PlayStore and YouTube TRDS compatibility


Changelogs since first SlimKat weekly release:

Known bugs.

  • Lock before unlock in combination with maximize widgets, and only then, needs sometimes a second press to handle the widget
  • LTE quicksettings tile is wonky on some carriers on world phones
  • i9100/n7000: After some hours listening to music stutter can happen or play just stops