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Announcement 3/3

Last, but not least, we will shortly introduce a wallpaper chooser. It will be packed with great looking wallpapers done by SlimTeam's graphic artists. There will be dozens of included wallpapers to begin with and we will add new ones along the way. We hope you will find a wallpaper which suits your style.

It is available via the PlayStore right now, Link here. This is the start of some apps and themes we will provide in future over this channel.

Announcement 1/3

So, we heard many of you where missing SlimPie. Look what's included in the next weekly (RC3) which will be available soon:

SlimPie colors SlimPie b/w

SlimPie have got some major updates and is completely rewritten. No more dead overlay zones on the edges anymore. It has an easier user interface, is more responsive and includes slim's famous second row. Plus, you can binding whatever you want to any of the buttons.

Hope you will enjoy it!

Announcement 2/3

Another new feature in the RC3 weekly, which will be released soon, is a brand new dialer which by default uses googles reverse lookup. When you, for example, type in pizza you will immediately get a result with pizza restaurants near you. As well, when someone is calling you, and the dialer can get information about the caller, it will be shown immediately (including picture, address and website if available). On top of that you will be able to choose your own source like opencnam, yellowpages or whitepages. To summarise: it is a full replacement of the official Google closed source dialer with added features. Credits goes to ChenXiaLong who made this fantastic dialer and is part of our developer group.

SlimKat build.2.6 RC2 weekly

is rolling out right now...check the changelog here and have fun