Weekly 1.9 - Changelog

Although we planed to push a final stable 4.3.1 release this week we decided to move the stable release to next week to get the last little quirks out of our beloved SlimBean rom....assuming that 4.4 will drop after that. If you wonder why we stopped pushing new or changed features.....we are already working (beside getting stable 2.0) on SlimKat 4.4 features (revamp old ones and doing them better as well some new features) which will bring some absolutly new uniqe stuff into the android world....so stay tuned and enjoy the 4.3.1 weekly and comming stable build.

As usual please read Changelog and installinstructions below. Weekly will roll out now step by step in the next hours


  • Massive Bluetooth updates from caf
  • Merged missing 4.3.1 hardware/ril
  • Various fixes for Gallery2
  • Updated many translations
  • Update Nova Launcher
  • Update Google Music
  • A lot small fixes
  • Added Deb
  • Added m7vzw

  • M7:
    • Vendor blob update from 4.3 google edition
  • Mako:
    • Kernel 3.4.66
    • Implement kexec-hardboot
    • Fixed Black camera picture problem!
  • Skyrocket/Hercules:
    • CM device folder upstream
  • Motorola devices:
    • Massive upstream from cm
  • Flo/deb:
    • Smart Wake (covers)

[Forum] Registering or login problems

In case someone has problems with registering or the login due to permission or other problems ON THE FORUM, please send an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will try to resolve each problem as soon as possible.

To all our forum beta testers, we stopped our forum app because Tapatalk is now available for free.

List of dropped devices

Ok guys some bad news. We've removed some devices from our supported device  list. This means that development for said devices has stopped at least for the time being. They might be re-added in a later time but for now assume they won't. The reason for this range from lack of DM, poor source, no longer owning device and overall lack of time. 



Weekly 1.8 - Changelog

short before the next stable release we are rolling out step by step new weekly SlimBean 1.8....as usual read changelog and install instructions carefully and have fun. Gapps are not updated due that google did not update any apps this week. Gmail still remains the same till google fixed it finally up.

Beside rom development we are always working to improve our environmente. Not far away and we will start openening our gerrit code review system which we are using over a year now to the public so that everyone can see what we are doing and that every developer who want to work with us can jump in and support us....develop with us....get part of the slim community.

That said community is one of the most important things without we never could exist. So we decided to open our own Forum....where you will find in future news, announcement, developing status, device threads and places for just talking about android. Let's grow the Slim eco system :)

You will find the new forum here....register and have fun: FORUM


  • Update to aosp 4.3.1
  • major overhaul of Privacy Guard. See this link for further information about the changes
  • frameworks: adjustable clear all button location
  • frameworks: PIN unlock random shuffle mode to avoid ppl can see your unlock move - thanks helicopter88
  • Torch: complete overhaul of torch app - thanks CM
  • Settings: improve AppOps detail layout
  • When wifi/dalvik wants ASCII lowercasing, it needs to ask for it
  • add otela web APN
  • fix VIPNet Croatia APN
  • fix dalvik logcat spam
  • fix superuser wrong assigment of legacy folder
  • update busybox
  • KeyguardViewMediator: Play lock screen sound sooner
  • Correcting NULL pointer when callerApp is not set
  • fix up CDMA APNs
  • audioflinger: Fix pops in LPA while effects are applied
  • audioflinger: Fix delay in enabling effect for LPA
  • Enable Tunnel Playback for msm8974
  • Enable LPA/Tunnel audio for QCOM B-Family
  • frameworks/av: Fixed framecount in AudioRecord
  • audio policy: Avoid unintended update of a command's timestamp
  • slimatalk app for new forum was removed due that tapatalk is now for free
  • several device specific upstreams
  • mako kernel update to 3.4.65
  • crespo kernel changed to Devil by DerTeufel 

New builds available

New builds for Mako and captivatemtd for weekly 1.4 are available.