Statement regarding Android L

As we are getting a lot of questions about Android L, this is our official statement on the matter:

We cannot start working on the "L" release announced at Google I/O.  Even if the factory images are released.  Images aren't the same as source code...which is what SlimROMS (and any other AOSP-based rom) needs to make magic happen.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Trust us, we're just as excited to play around with "L" as you are.  But from the sounds of it so far: the source code and actual release date aren't coming anytime soon.  Until then...we'll continue to put out our best efforts on the still-current version of Android - KitKat 4.4.4.

Gapps updated

Due to an force-close in text-to-speech the gapps had to be updated, check it out here.

Gerrit Maintenance

Gerrit will be shut offline for maintenance for about 24 hours. We will keep you posted.

Ok guys as of may 24 3:24 PM GMT Gerrit is back online. Some data was lost, so please review and resubmit anything that might have been lost.

And the winners are...

Dear users,

our litte contest is over. We happily announce the winners of the Javelin Pro licenses:

Congratulations to our forum users Masterplexus and firefather. We hope you have fun with Javelin Pro.

Thanks to all participants! 
Slim Team

Build 5 Addons Update!!!

We've updates AIO and minimal addons to fix the hangouts video chat crash.


SlimRoms Team