Thank you for applying as Maintainer for SlimROMs, please answer following questions to give us a short overview about your experience and association.
If you are active in an Android Forum (XDA,Rootz...) provide us your nickname...
and a link to your profile.
Which Android devices are you applying for? NOTE: Please refrain from applying for a device that already has Slim on it.
Can you spend 1-2 hours a day on maintaining Slim?
Can you code in Java and/or C? If yes, please explain the level of expertise
Are you comfortable compiling and debugging Android? Are you comfortable with github pull, push etc? If yes, state your level of expertise
Are you owning the device you are applying for?
Maintaining a device takes time and effort, are you willing to make Slim the only ROM you are maintaining for?
Why are you intersted in maintaining Slim?
Do you have an unofficial build going on for Slim? If yes provide the link
Please provide us a E-Mail address where we can contact you.
Please enter the code from the picture on the right